Repairing Your Pool Lining

Swimming Pool Covers: Understanding the Suitable Options for Your Home

Swimming pools are vulnerable to damage from harsh surroundings and adverse weather conditions. For example, if a pool is exposed to the outdoor environment, the water quality will decline due to the general changes in temperature and inevitable contact with debris and leaves. Also, the pool structure can become faded or even lose its strength because of UV radiation from the sun. Therefore, you should think about purchasing and installing a cover for your swimming pool to avoid these detriments. Here are the common types of products to consider if you are buying a pool cover for the first time.

Solar Cover

The most popular type of swimming pool cover is the solar cover. Its popularity can be attributed to its relatively low cost of purchase. Also, the product is lightweight; it is easy to install over a residential pool. In general, the solar cover resembles a bubble wrap sheet. This design allows the cover to absorb solar energy and release the heat into the pool during the night. Also, the cover will prevent evaporation of the water. Therefore, you will not need to top up the pool and adjust the chemicals constantly. However, the solar cover is a lightweight product; it cannot withstand high impact or low temperature.

Winter Cover

If you are interested in a cover which can be used all year round, you should think about choosing a winter pool cover. This product is manufactured using heavier materials than the solar alternative. It is durable and will protect your swimming pool from low and high temperature. In simple terms, your pool will not freeze during winter, and the water will not evaporate during summer. This cover can be challenging to install and remove. You should think about this challenge if you would like to use it all the time. Also, you should note that it will not withstand impact or heavyweight.

Safety Covers

You should consider using a safety pool cover if you would like a product which will support weight and withstand mechanical stress. For example, if you are concerned about your children and pets falling into the pool, you can install this product as a precaution. When choosing a safety pool cover for your home, you should ensure that it can deliver other advantages such as preventing debris accumulation or minimising the detriments of temperature changes.

If you are uncertain about selecting the most appropriate cover for your swimming pool, you should consult your contractor about various swimming pool equipment.