Repairing Your Pool Lining

Decisions to Make When Building a Home Swimming Pool

You need to make many decisions when building a swimming pool on your property to ensure that you get the fun and enjoyment from it that you envision. During the planning stage, many facets of the project will demand attention, several of which are explained below.


One of the first decisions you'll need to make regarding a pool is where to place it in the backyard. Ideally, the pool should be bathed in sunlight, so everyone can enjoy the warmth as they swim or play. Without direct sunlight, a pool can be chilly and may cost more to heat.

Another natural factor to consider—but this time to avoid—is the wind. In a suburban backyard, the boundary fence may be all the windbreak you need. In an open rural location, consider how sheltered the pool will be and whether it will be too open. A row of trees may do the job, or you could add shelter with landscaping. A wind block can protect you from the sight of neighbours as well. If you can see a window of their house from a spot in your garden, someone looking out can clearly see where you are.

An important structural factor to keep in mind is whether rainwater collects in a particular spot on your property. If this is the case, it may not be the best site for a pool without extra work being done to allow the soil to naturally drain and remain stable.

Size, Shape, and Depth

When planning the pool's proportions, consider how you intend to use it. If you want to dive in and swim laps to keep fit, a rectangular shape that is relatively deep makes sense. Or else, if the pool is primarily intended for children and adults to splash and play in, you could build a freeform pool with curvy edges that is shallower.

A pool that winds and curves has the natural look of a pond or lake, and you can integrate it into the landscape with plants and rocks to accentuate this feeling. Though a rectangular pool looks attractively sleek and modern.

The pool's size will be determined by the available space, which is constrained not only by fences but also by underground pipes and cables.

Extra Features

A pool with extra features is more versatile and fun. One option to consider is a tanning ledge: a raised section where the water gently laps, like the shallow water's edge on a beach. You can stay cool by relaxing on the ledge or by placing a lounge chair on it.

A waterfall is another feature that may appeal. It will add a soothing natural rhythm to the garden. A pool builder could construct it with a ridge of rocks to form a grotto underneath. From there, you can enjoy the waterfall from a unique angle.

For more information, contact a pool builder near you.