Repairing Your Pool Lining

Two tips to follow when ordering pool maintenance equipment

If you've got a new swimming pool and your contractor has advised you to purchase some pool maintenance equipment to keep it in good condition, here are some tips to follow.

Ensure the pool net you pick suits your pool

There are quite a few different brands of pool cleaning nets available, and you must ensure that the one you order is right for your pool. If, for example, there are a lot of deciduous trees in your outdoor space and you anticipate that you'll need to remove a lot of leaves from your pool water in the autumn, you should pick a pool net with a large 'mouth' so that you can gather up lots of large clumps of leaves with each scoop. You should also ensure that the mesh is made of heavy-duty material so it won't tear under the weight of large volumes of relatively heavy, wet leaves.

If this is the main type of debris you expect to remove from the pool with this equipment, then the pool net doesn't necessarily have to have a very fine mesh (as large leaves won't fall out of a net with a wider weave). However, if you think you'll need to remove a lot of smaller debris (like grass blades, bits of gravel, small rubbish scraps, etc.), you should ensure that the pool net has a fine mesh through so that none of this small debris will slip through its openings whilst you're lifting it out of the pool.

You'll also need to ensure that the pool handle is the right length; if you have a large pool, a telescopic net that is a metre or two long could allow you to reach into the middle of the pool safely, without having to stand so close to the pool edge that you're at risk of falling in.

Get several brush heads for your pool cleaning brush pole

Another must-have piece of pool maintenance equipment is a pool-cleaning brush. You'll need this item to keep the pool's floor, tiles and walls free of algae and grime. Pool contractors will usually advise pool owners to get one brush pole and several brush heads for that pole, rather than purchasing a pole with one permanently attached brush head.

For example, you might want to order a very wide brush head for brushing the floor and central sections of the pool walls, as its width will allow you to remove dirt from large portions of these areas with each scrubbing motion that you make. However, you may find that you need a much shorter brush head for scrubbing the corners of the pool walls and floors, to remove the grime or algae from the crevices in these areas. You might also find it helpful to have a very thin, narrow brush head for scrubbing the pool tile's grout. In short, having a few different brush heads of various sizes and shapes should enable you to give your pool a thorough clean that you probably couldn't achieve with just a single brush head.

For more information on pool maintenance equipment, contact a company near you.