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Everything You Need to Know About Spa Pumps

If you are planning on having a spa constructed, you need to gather some information about spa pumps. Knowing how they work ensures you purchase the right pumps and keep them in good working condition for the longest time possible. Here is everything you need to know about spas and spa pumps.

What is a Spa?

Spas are a smaller version of pools that can fit about six people. You don't necessarily swim in them, but enjoy the hot water and the massage-like feeling you get from the spa jets that shoot water at high pressure to your back. The water mixes with air coming from air blowers around the spa jet exit to form a bubbly effect, which feels like a massage. This is made possible by the entire plumbing system of the spa, especially the spa pump.

Spa Water Cycle?

The spa is first filled with water, and then the spa pump and water heater are turned on. The water heater heats the water, while the pump suctions portions of the water in the spa continuously. The spa pump then pumps the water back into the spa through the spa jets, and the cycle continues. The spa pump is mostly important because, without it, the spa would not have its massage-like properties.

Spa Pump High and Low Speeds

Even though the main work of a spa pump is to pump water, you should know that a spa requires the pump to have a feature that enables it to change from high to low speeds as needed. Why? A spa pump is responsible for circulating water through the spa pool and also shooting pressurised water through the spa jets.

Low speeds are required to circulate water, while higher speeds are required to shoot water out through the spa jets. A pump that can change from low speeds to high speed and vice versa is called a variable spa pump.

You might, however, come across single-speed pumps. These pumps can only handle low or high speeds, and that is why those spas that utilise these pumps have two spa pumps. One pump caters to low speeds and the other to high speeds. Such spa pools may have a complex plumbing system to cater for the two single-speed pumps.

What Other Considerations Should You Make?

You might want to consider things like pump horsepower, voltage, and size. Since such consideration might require some skills and professionalism, let a spa technician help you make them so that you avoid purchasing the wrong pump; wrong decisions can lead to wastage of your hard-earned money.