Repairing Your Pool Lining

Three Essential Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Your Spa Pool

If you have recently installed a spa pool in your home, you should plan for proper maintenance and care of the feature. If the tub is neglected, the quality of water will decline significantly, making the pool unsuitable for human use. Also, a poorly maintained spa is more susceptible to accelerated degradation. For instance, the internal components will be vulnerable to failure if the water quality is low. If you are new to spa pool maintenance, consider using the below-outlined guidelines for optimal performance. 

Balance the Water

The most critical maintenance process in the upkeep of a spa pool is balancing the water chemistry. In general, when the water in your tub is unbalanced, you will notice the loss of pool clarity. Also, other problems such as unpleasant odours and microbial growth will be noticeable. If you would like to avoid these issues, you must ensure that the pool chemicals are within the acceptable ranges. Ideally, you should test the water on a regular basis. This practice will help you determine the level of alkalinity, pH, bromine and hardness. Once you identify the levels, you should adjust the quantities of the chemicals in your pool. For instance, you can add chlorine or bromine, use pH decreasers and invest in calcium control, depending on the discovered problem. 

Clean the Filter

Proper filtration of the water in your pool will prevent the accumulation of insoluble debris in the spa. Typically, the filtration component is located underneath the skimmer basket; you can access it from inside the tub. In other cases, the filter will be found below the structure in tank-like structure. Regardless of the design, you should check on the component on a regular basis. Under ideal circumstances, a filter will have a gauge which indicates the correct time for clean-up. If it does not, you should ask your pool contractor for advice on the best cleaning schedule. Remember, these filters are quite long-lasting. However, you will need to replace the component periodically,

Clean the Pool

Finally, you should clean your spa pool for optimal clarity and health of your soaking water. If you are interested in cleaning the water line and interior surfaces, you should first drain out the spa. This process will allow you complete access to all the dirty crevices. For ideal results, you should use speciality spa cleaning products instead of general household soaps. You should also vacuum the pool to get rid of settled debris in the tub and a skimmer to eliminate floating leaves.