Repairing Your Pool Lining

Why Choose a Concrete Pool Versus Any Other Material

When you're ready to have a new pool installed in your home's backyard, you might choose between an above ground model, or a built-in fibreglass pool, or a poured concrete pool. Each of these has their own advantages, but concrete is typically one of the most popular choices for many homeowners, and for many reasons. Note a few of those reasons here, so you can understand why you might choose concrete versus any other material for your home's new pool.


An above-ground pool is almost always an eyesore, no matter its size, material, or any type of decking you might have installed around it. An above-ground pool blocks your view of the rest of the yard and also makes it easier for neighbours to see you when you're swimming or lounging in the pool.

A built-in concrete pool doesn't interfere with the appearance of your yard, and leaves open your view of the horizon. You can also have the decking, or the area around the rim of the pool, stained or stamped to look like stone, enhancing the appearance of your concrete pool but without the expense of real stone.


A fibreglass pool will be available in the sizes and shapes offered by a manufacturer. A concrete pool can be shaped however you prefer, so you can work it around landscaping features, or create a very deep end for diving. You can also include features that you want to blend seamlessly with the pool; this might be a waterfall, or built-in planters that will hold palm trees or other vegetation, to make your backyard seem like a true oasis. Rather than trying to work your trees and other features around a standard fibreglass pool, you can work your pool around your vision for your yard, and create a space that is uniquely your own.

Concrete can also be painted or stained, so if you want to change the look of your pool over the years, you can paint it, or stain it to resemble stone. You can even have a design painted at the bottom of the pool; this might include your family's initial, a guitar, or even something that resembles a natural body of water, to make your pool very eye-catching!


Fibreglass can become very brittle and may be more prone to cracking, especially in colder weather and when under the weight of water. Concrete is much stronger and less likely to crack, even in extreme temperatures, and even when you have a very deep end to the pool.