Repairing Your Pool Lining

Designer Pool Building – Reasons To Choose Fibreglass

When getting a designer pool constructed on your property, chances are you will be spending endless hours trying to come up with the perfect custom style to suit your home. However, the shape and structure of your pool are not the only elements that you should bear in mind. Another critical factor to put some thought into would be the materials that your pool will be made from. Concrete and vinyl may seem like the standard options to choose, but fibreglass has steadily taken the Australian market by storm. Although this material may have a higher price point than other building supplies, the following are a few of the reasons why to choosing fibreglass during designer pool building would be worth the investment.

Fibreglass pools are hassle-free to maintain

Having a pool on your premises can do wonders for the value and kerb appeal of your property. However, the headache comes in when you have to engage in routine maintenance to keep it in pristine shape. Materials such as concrete are vulnerable to attracting dirt, as the porous surface will absorb stains easily. Fibreglass, on the other hand, offers simple maintenance no matter how often you use your pool. The non-porous nature of this material makes it easy to wipe clean, which in turn ensures your pool water is always sparkling. This easy maintenance makes it a highly convenient option for homeowners that do not want to spend hours on end on pool maintenance.

Fibreglass pools protect your feet

If you are an avid fan of pool games, fibreglass would be the best choice for your needs. Concrete pools may be durable, but if you spend a few hours playing water polo with your friends you will soon find the soles of your feet will not be able to bear stepping on the surface any longer. The smooth surface of fibreglass makes it conducive to activities in the swimming pool, as you will not injure your feet. Moreover, since the surface of the fibreglass does not have a proclivity of harbouring algae like concrete, there will also be a minimised risk of slips while playing in the pool.

Fibreglass pools do not require liners or acid washing

Another great benefit of fibreglass swimming pools is that you do not have to invest in additional accessories for your comfort or to prolong the life of your swimming pool. Materials such as vinyl will need to have their liners replaced after a specific duration, as the liner eventually succumbs to wear. Concrete swimming pools, on the other hand, will need professional acid washing to eliminate the layer of grime that is bound to develop. With fibreglass, you can use your pool as it is for as long as it serves you.