Repairing Your Pool Lining

The best cleaning agents for your glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing is a unique and aesthetically appealing way of protecting your pool from trespassing and accidents. With a glass fence, you always maintain a clear view of your pool while enjoying the reflectance and finishing of your glass surface.

If you use your pool often, you will find that keeping the glass clean makes a significant difference. Indeed, a scratch-free and polished glass fence make your pool area look elegant and sophisticated.

The best way to care for your glass is by cleaning it regularly. Not any soap and water solution will do. You will need a quality window cleaning solution that removes stains, scratches and other marks from the window surface. The following are among the best glass cleaning agents to explore.

Aerosol glass cleaners

An aerosol glass cleaner is one that uses a spray mechanism to apply foam to the window surface before cleaning. The foam can dissolve grease, dirt particles, and other stains present on the glass surface. Aerosol sprays are easy to use, as they adhere to vertical glass surfaces without dripping down the fence. This makes it easier for you to target specific areas of the glass surface if you only need to remove a stain here or there.

Aerosol sprays also come with scented variants that add a feeling of freshness to your fence. And because the foam is so effective, you rarely need to scrub the glass surface (as this would otherwise result in scratches).

Natural glass cleaners

Natural glass cleaners consist of products mostly sourced from plants. They contain only minimal chemicals if any (most commonly potassium citrate or ethanol) and they are safe to use when near pets, children and even food items.

This makes natural cleaners an excellent fit for glass pool fences in the home. If you have young children or pets that spend a lot of time in and around the pool, you may opt for a cleaning agent that doesn't pose any health risks. These natural cleaners are also multi-surface in nature. They can be used on the glass fence or its housing in order to ensure that the entire structure is clean.

Window wipes

In addition to sprays, you can also opt for glass cleaning wipes. They reduce the need for maintaining spraying cans around the home. They're also easy to use and effective at removing stubborn stains. They come in moist pads of varying thickness, and they're often scented to add a refreshing smell to the clean glass fence.

With these glass-cleaning agents, you can enjoy a clean and polished fence that will increase the appeal of your swimming pool. For more information, contact a company like Leisure Coast Pool Centre.