The best cleaning agents for your glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing is a unique and aesthetically appealing way of protecting your pool from trespassing and accidents. With a glass fence, you always maintain a clear view of your pool while enjoying the reflectance and finishing of your glass surface. If you use your pool often, you will find that keeping the glass clean makes a significant difference. Indeed, a scratch-free and polished glass fence make your pool area look elegant and sophisticated.

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Should You Prepare for Resurfacing Work?

Your residential swimming pool will provide prolonged service after installation under ideal circumstances. Unfortunately, the constant contact with water and pool chemicals can cause the surface of the pool structure to degrade. Also, the constant exposure to sunlight may contribute to the deterioration of the exposed surfaces. When the pool begins to degrade, you will need to perform resurfacing work. This maintenance process involves reforming the surface of the pool for the improvement of aesthetics and longevity.