Designer Pool Building – Reasons To Choose Fibreglass

When getting a designer pool constructed on your property, chances are you will be spending endless hours trying to come up with the perfect custom style to suit your home. However, the shape and structure of your pool are not the only elements that you should bear in mind. Another critical factor to put some thought into would be the materials that your pool will be made from. Concrete and vinyl may seem like the standard options to choose, but fibreglass has steadily taken the Australian market by storm. [Read More]

2 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Swimming Pool Heater

If you want swimming pool heating, you must first decide which factors are most important given your specific needs/abilities. Being an expensive and long-term undertaking, take time to weigh all options before settling on any type. This article highlights two major factors, with specific details on how each category of heater performs under each of the factors. 1. Environmental and energy friendliness Considering eco-impact is important because you win on two fronts: mitigating negative impacts on the environment and cutting down your energy bills. [Read More]

Why Choose a Concrete Pool Versus Any Other Material

When you're ready to have a new pool installed in your home's backyard, you might choose between an above ground model, or a built-in fibreglass pool, or a poured concrete pool. Each of these has their own advantages, but concrete is typically one of the most popular choices for many homeowners, and for many reasons. Note a few of those reasons here, so you can understand why you might choose concrete versus any other material for your home's new pool. [Read More]

Three Essential Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Your Spa Pool

If you have recently installed a spa pool in your home, you should plan for proper maintenance and care of the feature. If the tub is neglected, the quality of water will decline significantly, making the pool unsuitable for human use. Also, a poorly maintained spa is more susceptible to accelerated degradation. For instance, the internal components will be vulnerable to failure if the water quality is low. If you are new to spa pool maintenance, consider using the below-outlined guidelines for optimal performance. [Read More]